DIY: Business Card Holder

What: DIY Project (Home Edition)- Business Card Holder

Supplies: Jar/Container, Ribbon, Business Cards

Level: 1








Have you ever had an shit load of business cards and didn’t know where to put them or what to do with them? Well continue reading this post! We strangely think each card is a piece of time & art.  So, to keep our collected cards & still be organized, we have decided to make a business card holder. This do it yourself project is very simple and beyond easy and cheap. CHEAPPP!! (favorite word) LOL

Anyway, there’s no going to the store, unless you don’t already have these items hiding around the house . What you need is a jar or container that you don’t use, ribbon and a pile of your accumulated business cards. No money spent, which keeps a smile on all our faces!

Instructions: All you do is neatly place your cards inside of the jar and tie the ribbon around the top of the jar for added decor and spunk. If you look below, here are our pics of this project. We didn’t think a video was needed but if anyone what’s us to post the video comment below. Now start creating!!

diy card holder

card holder diy3

card holder diy1

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