Fitness in Heels: Catwalk Confidence



What: Catwalk Confidence

Who: Girlnetic

Where: Alexandria, Virginia

Instructor: Dr. Emily Splichal


     We recently attended a very interesting workout class. This workout class was instructed by Dr. Emily Splichal. Who heads the fitness program called Catwalk Confidence for Girlnetic.com. This class was intended to give women the proper skills to walk in heels by combining a total body workout. As well as to build your inner sex kitten; regardless of size, shape, age or skill level.

     If you visit their site www.girlnetic.com you will find tons of info about all the different programs and locations that are available in your region. With their newest region being the DC area, we can’t wait to see what this organization has to offer. Enough rambling, check below for pics and brief footage of the class!

*Girlnetic Definition*

Catwalk Confidence: is unique fitness program created to strengthen your feet and legs and teach you how to properly strut in stilettos so that you avoid (and relieve) the common foot, knee and leg problems associated with wearing heels. 

For all the pics visit this link :




 Working it Out!

Heels are made for walking!!

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