Sick?Hot Toddy Please!

Drink DIY:Hot Toddy

Needed: Mug/Glass, Ginger, Lemon Juice, Honey, Bourbon/Brandy, Hot Water


Too sick to party? You Need an Hot Toddy!

     Even though the weather has been warmer nationally on average then previous years. However, we are still prone to getting sick or just feeling a little under the weather.To feel refreshed get an extra boost in recovering from a cold. Make one of my favorite remedies. A Hot toddy. This drink has been around for ages and still does the job. It’s quite simple to make and effective.

One recipe to follow is Susan Peznecker Professor at Portland State university and Clackamas community college. She starts with a medium to large sized mug. Slice a thin piece of fresh, peeled ginger. Healthy dollops of lemon juice and honey are added next to the mug. Add a shot of bourbon or brandy, then fill with boiling water. Breathe in the steam as it cools down a little. The ingredients of this drink does wonders from ginger which relieves chills to the lemon juice which kills germs and has antioxidants that help fight infections. Honey has antiviral and anti bacterial properties. So, the heat of the drink loosens phlegm. The simple shot of brandy relaxes the body and induces sleep. Please note, this is best before bedtime. You will get a good night’s rest and sure to feel refreshed once you awake.

Enjoy! Kat…Your frugal fashionista!

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