UnDressed: Little by Darin M.

What: UnDressed

Who: Darin M.

Line: Little

Site: www.littlebydm.com




We totally are committed to finding aspiring clothing lines. That is why we created UnDressed, for you visitors to get to know these talented and creative lines in a different way. We want to give you a glimpse into their minds and what they honestly think. In our search for the next UnDressed candidate we found Darin Michelle. A young black artist who designs her own t-shirt and sweat-shirt line.

Her line is based in Annapolis Maryland. It’s influenced by the urban culture but Darin puts her own spin on things. She says her college days & her surroundings are what really capture the essence of what “Little” has become. We here at GlamSoup were intrigued with Darin & her line. We think you will be too. So check below at our interview with Darin and some looks from her line.

darin undressed


darin tees
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