January Picks

We have 1 more day til January is done, finito, todo hecho<—– impressive I know, I try ha ha.. I kid but really this month for me has been a long one. On top of being a long month with freaking 31 days, it has been birthday galore with these Aquarius and Capricorns surrounding me. Simply a big headache but one that  is well worth the pain because I CARE  😉 .  Typical Virgo!

Since my time was spent worrying about everyone else I thought it was only fair to come up with a list of items that I  A.) want this month B.) bought this month  and C.) need this month. Not that original? Maybe so, but I’ve never done this so screw you with you eye rolling. I joke. I love you for reading but truly this gave me the idea to start doing my own monthly picks. All from this rainy, cold, birthday headache overloaded month. Thank you January! You are making me challenge myself by doing this. Fingers crossed. My picks will be any random items, thoughts or purchases for that month and not necessarily any themes.

Until my next post here are my January Picks:




"January Picks"
“January Picks” by glamsoup featuring flower hair accessories

Deux Lux knapsack bag

Beauty product

Five Apple Gift Basket
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