DIY Belted Collar Necklace (Versace inspired)

What: inspired DIY

Inspiration: Versace for H&M 2011 collection

IMG_1923Items Needed:

-Old Belt with decorative buckle


-Measuring Tape (optional)

-Xacto Knife (optional)

Original Price: $34.99|DIY Price: under $3.00 (thrift belt on sale)



This post is finally making it up on the site. It’s mind-boggling that it took this long ūüė• . I have had the intent to make this DIY but kept putting it off for some strange reason. This project is very easy and cheap to do.Which makes me wonder why did I¬†procrastinate so much. I still¬†don’t¬†know. What I do know is that this is a very easy do-it-yourself tutorial. Taking something old and¬†re-purposing¬†it. Fashion Recycling!! Using a old or thrifted belt and turning it into a statement necklace. This necklace idea was¬†inspired¬†but the 2011 Versace for H&M collection.

I’m not a designer queen but I can appreciate¬†certain designers in my life. What girl doesn’t?! Many may know the collection was very anticipated and sold old as soon as it hit stores. ¬†I did like the collection and even wanted 1 or 2 items but I was being cheap at the time and missed out ūüėź . Nevertheless no collection for me but it was¬†OK¬†because it made me come up with this very delayed DIY today.¬†I liked how simple,¬†versatile but bold¬†this necklace came out. It’s a ¬†designer look for close to free depending on what’s in your closet. This inspired necklace might be bold for some but definitely take a chance,configure it to your taste. Have fun with it. This is the season not just chunky sweaters but for chunky accessories! Let me know if you would try this DIY and comment below.

The inspiration:2011 Versace for H&M

Ribbet collagediy

Note: you can add chains but I opted not to for simplicity

Ribbet collage1

Needed items: list above

Ribbet collage2

1.) put belt around neck to figure out the look you want, I choose  a collar necklace.

2.) once look is decided, make a small indention at the tightest point with the scissors or X-acto knife (do not cut off)

3.) measure the original length of space from the end of belt to the 1st or last hole

4.) measure the spaces between the original holes

(these measurement will help you be more precise when making new holes and cutting the belt)

5.) using the measurement from the 1st or last hole go back to where your indention was made and go up those inches

6.) once you measure up from indention make your cut, cutting off the extra piece of belt

7.) using your measurements with the X-acto knife or scissors make your new holes

8.) try necklace on & done. finished


Testing size of new collar necklace above.


finished DIY


(I measured my holes 1 inch apart. I went 4-5 inches up from my  tightest indention mark) 



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  1. Great tutorial…..now this is added to my many d.i.y. projects!

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