The Money Woes



Recently, it seems hard to even save $20 with out spending it on something. I took a look at my choices and habits and I’m deciding to get back on track with my finances. I’m sure there’s a lot of people that are having money issues. I know for a fact I’m not the only person. It’s typical  in my eyes for people to have money problems. It’s around me all the time. Its life. Things tend to happen.

I’m not super comfortable talking publicly about certain financial details but I’m willing to tell you guys about my decision on this and keeping you posted on my journey. I’m not going to lie… it can be embarrassing telling strangers about your “pockets”. What made me open to the idea was how my friend Kat did a post on her blog about her money goals. You can check it here. That’s why I’m glad I have close friends that are somewhat in the same situation and want to make changes too. It’s very motivating to me. I always hear people say that it’s better to surround yourself around people that are doing better than you but why? I think that can be the case sometimes but if you have true friends why can’t you all encourage one another and build with each other towards that “better life”? I’ll leave that there.

As I was saying, lets talk about our pockets for a quick moment. I’ve been starting to acknowledge that  many of  my hopes and dreams will be hard to achieve because of my money woes. I don’t what that to be the reason. I want to take control.

I’m a mom of 1. I work a full-time office job. Have a decent income. I don’t have a shopping problem or splurging problem but recently I started mismanaging my money. I don’t know why. Its frustrating. I need and want to figure this problem out. I’m going to turn this situation around and tackle all my goals. My journey will be: debt free (and or) decrease debt to less than 50%, better credit, savings, start on business dreams, 2 trips for the year, personal spending budget, better saving for my son’s future. These will be my main goals and I will slowly work on them. I want to do a deadline but I’m still debating on that. Will keep you posted. Before I forget to mention, I also read Michelle’s blog post about her money concerns. That’s where I learned about SmartyPig. Check her post out it was  inspiring and very knowledgeable about saving alternatives and tips.

I’m going to work on my strategy plan and will update this post with my ideas.

My Plan

(BELOW List is in Progress)

1.) Go through all bills- determine current from past due

2.) Organize- most important/ monthly essentials/extras/ etc.

3.) Make spreadsheet with info

4.) Set up SmartyPig






Phonto (1)

***{While writing the post. I had a thought. Maybe my mismanagement is coming from not carrying cash anymore????? I swipe swipe swipe! Could this be my issue? I might try to challenge myself to a CASH ONLY MONTH challenge. Set a bi-weekly budget and try to survive. NO SWIPING! I’m scared. I’ll try this Thursday. I haven’t did cash only in years. This should be interesting.}*** 

If you have any suggestions/tips or want to join in on my personal challenge comment and let me know.

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